30 December – Christmas Ride Report

30 12 2006

So you know what it’s like, you’ve been looking forward to the ride for ages, the weather has been dry all week and then the night before your ride… the heavens open & 40mph winds descend upon us. Blow away the Christmas cobwebs we said … eherm we didn’t mean it literally!

So, how amazed were we to find a full car park at only 9.15am in high gusting winds, keen lot mtb’ers. Quick chat with a very nice man in breeches, it was only the local Rambling Club who had nicked all the spaces before us. LOL. Luckily everyone got parked.. thanks in part to the 5 extremely hardy souls who braved a bike ride to the start from Newhaven & Seaford. (Well done Olly, Sally, Dave, Anna & James).

14 Muddy@rsers set off on an xc loop taking in a squirming climb to Firle Beacon, a slimey chalky chute to Bishopstone (casualty – one puncture), slow grind up through Seaford Golf Course, down a rooty, muddy off camber descent lined with barbed wire off ‘The Comp’, followed by a hard going flint-garden climb back to the top, then to finish off nicely a fast swoopy descent to just outside Alfriston. Here we decided cake was needed so off to ‘Badgers’ to re-fuel.

A killer climb on SDW was the only way home and everyone cleaned it (even on cold legs & a singlespeed!). After one donated innertube to some friendly bikers this is where our weather luck ran out. The winds picked up and the rain went sideways – nice ! Back at the car we ate mince pies behind a well-placed van and watched Olly & Sally ride off into the worsening weather (hope you got home OK).

Thanks to everyone for making today a success and Rick for leading (even with a snotty nose). Next ride 21 January 2007 – Whiteways Loop, Nr Arundel (check out Events Calendar for more info).

Happy New Year ! Lisa

Lisa’s Pics Ollie’s Pics



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