Quick Blip Round the Lanes he says ….

6 02 2007

Ok, so Rick and I didn’t have time to get out and get muddy at the weekend so we made the best of the fantastic weather on Saturday and got the slicky tyre’d bikes out for a ‘quick blip round the lanes’ .. 25 miles later, having run out of food, with rapidly fading light and a knackered knee thrown in for good measure, we’re still 5 miles from home and it’s starting to get real chilly. Love that north easterly wind – brrrr!

Our ‘quick blip’ was only going to be about a 10 miler round the block but, like you do, we got carried away and ended up in Herstmonceaux via Eastbourne and all the back lanes and instead of going the short way home, we decided to drop down Jacobs Ladder at Wartling, up into Hooe, round to Cooden and then home. Cooden was where my energy completely went (my fault I had foolishly emptied rucksac of most energy supplies) but a lucky find in a co-op found energy supplies being rekindled with egg mayo sarnies and a double decker.

After some ultrafast digestion, we headed home double quick time with only about 1/2 hr of light left. Just made it before complete darkness. What a laugh. OK, so I might not have got a muddy@rse and I really don’t like all the traffic, but you can’t beat a slicky tyre’d ride for getting some miles in when you can’t get out proper. Shame about me knee though. The cold saw an old injury raise its ugly head so it’s rest for me this week so I can get out at the weekend.

So, what did you get up to this weekend ? Lisa

a few photos here: http://photos-by-lisa.photosnaps.org.uk/c1203072.html




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