Leith Hill Recce Ride, 10 Mar 07

10 03 2007

A few of us headed to Leith Hill for a recce of the proposed Muddy@rse Club ride 25th March. The trails were dry and the weather was great, tempting us into the first ride in shorts of 2007. One of the group took things just too far turning up in purple lycra; however everything worked out okay as he agreed to maintain a distance of 20 yards between himself and the rest of us.

More Pics

The ride was a blast taking in a couple of the well known flowy singletrack runs (one of them twice), a couple of steep decents and a couple of killer climbs, inevitably we found ourselves commenting that the climbs would have been much more enjoyable had we been going down! No doubt the Muddy@rse ride on 25th March will be a great day out with fantastic trails, the usual social banter and at a pace where no-one will get left behind.

After the recce ride we headed to the tower for coffee and cake. Refreshed we took in some of the more hidden trails and had great fun on a couple of dips and short sharp hills. Our regular tumbler had his usual ‘off’ and was suitably pleased to have maintained his record, raising the bar on his usual ‘performance’ he also managed to ride into a tree.




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