Ride Report: Leith Hill, 25th Mar 07

25 03 2007

Today saw another great Muddy@rse Ride this time a short drive north from the south coast to the MTB heaven of Leith Hill. About 20 people made the trip but alas Rick who suggested and planned the route couldn’t make it muttering something about a motorbike accident and a sore thumb! Mtb’ers are a hardy bunch and this ride provided more than enough evidence that it is all about enjoyment and getting out in the the fresh air and the healing powers of sunshine. The first climb to the tower saw the usual bedding-in mechanicals with sticking gears and a broken chain, once these were sorted we were on our way.

The drop to Coldharbour cricket pitch was dispatched either via a couple of steep drops behind the tower or the rocky descent stright down the marked bridleway. From here it was off to ‘Summer Lightning’ via a spin around ‘The Regurgitator’. We had our first ‘off’ on ‘The Regurgitator’. Richard got a little too much air on one of the jumps and front wheeled into the trail landing heavily on his shoulder. We thought the ride was over for him as the blood drained from his face and his shoulder was obviously dislocated; however as he was getting to his feet his shoulder ‘popped’ back into place and after a couple of painkilling tablets he was chomping at the bit to back in the saddle. Richard-the-lionheart, respect from all of us. A wizz down Summer Lightning and the steep covered descent and we began the grind of a climb back to ride Summer Lightning again. At this point we lost one of the gang who no doubt preferred the call of ‘Sunday Dinner’ to more singletrack, Richard was still with us and riding everything.

Coffee and cake at the tower was a pick-up for everyone and even prompted conversations about riding the South Downs Way in one day (must have been pretty strong cake!). At this point we decided to head back to the car via some singletrack with drops and logs and fallen trees to negotiate. Richard was still game for everything and went over the bars again this time off a steep drop! Richard’s bravery was an example to us all and no-one dared to mention any nagging pains or strains as compared to the lionheart we had nothing to complain about.

Back at the carpark bikes were packed, maltloaf was munched and the conversation turned to the rides that are planned for April and May. Even Richard agreed that today was a great ride and that is saying something. Hopefully we will have both Rick and Richard fit and well for the April ride.
Everyone is welcome on the Muddy@rse rides they are social events and the pace is steady but certainly not fast, there are plenty of regular stops and most importantly no-one will get left behind. The rides are varied, sometimes technical and sometimes spins in the sunshine, any technical sections have an alternative line and one of the ride leaders will always go at the speed of the slowest. Keep an eye on the ride posts and come along.

Headcam footage from Guy.

Digicam footage from Ollie

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