Member Ride: Tilgate Forest, Crawley, 22 Apr 07

17 04 2007

(Updated with Pics)

‘Woodsman’ has organised his own ride for this weekend coming, (Sunday) starting from Parish Lane, Pease Pottage. Would be a good warm up for the Club Ride at Sussex Uni the following weekend 🙂

Start: 11am, Sunday 22nd April
Meet: Parish Lane, Pease Pottage
Pace: Steady and sociable

“I’ve ridden the area a fair bit but not for a good few years so, I’ve put an open invite on STW for some local knowledge to show/refresh my memory as to the best bits to ride. I’ve had some emails back from those interested but no idea who or how many will actually turn up on the day. Anyway, if you fancy coming along all are welcome.”

For the latest details and extra info please visit the Muddyarse Forum. (Unfortunately if you’re not registered for the forum you’ll have to wait until I verify your account before you can leave a reply, so leave a comment here in the meantime.)

Pics here courtesy of ‘twiglet_monster’.




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