Trailbreak – Wight Diamond Festival

30 05 2007

After all the crappy weather recently we were really looking forward to a long weekend away on the Isle of Wight, two enduros about 50k each over two days with live bands and a bit of camping thrown in for good measure. Joined by Muddy@rsers Ollie and Sally we were looking forward to a good weekend of biking & laughs. Friday night we sat out under the stars, chatting, laughing and munching chocolate til gone midnight (our idea of race prep!!)

Cheese on toast fuelled our ride (thanks Olly) and we were off for 58kms taking in some of the classic mixed trails over the south of the island with nearly 1300mtrs of climbing thrown in to keep us on our toes (who said it wasn’t lumpy on the IoW!). All trails lead to ‘The Mast’, go there you will see what I mean, this mast has mystical powers reigning you without even realising it – spooky ! We picked up two buddies along the way, one of who was really struggling about 20kms in, with no food and very little water he’d bitten off more than he could chew that day. So we ended up riding together and feeding him to get him round. I say what goes around comes around and maybe one day I will be suffering on the trails and some kind soul will do the same for me, they were good fun too so we didn’t mind. Luckily the rain held off all day and pastie and chips were consumed with vigour back at the marquee.

By about 8pm it was getting colder and the big black rain clouds were accumulating. It started tipping down so we battened down the hatches, put on the fire (oh yes luxury camping) and settled in for a night of more chat and eating crap…this time with a few glasses of vino to cheer me up hic !

From here on in it didn’t stop raining for over 36hrs. We wimped the following day cos it was really horrible, apparently over half the field did as well so we didn’t feel too bad. So back in the tent, heater on, eat more crap, chat a bit more, cups of tea and Olly & Sally putting off taking their tent down in the rain. Eventually we said goodbye and they went off for their choppy crossing and flooded drive home. We’d paid for one more night and like idiots stayed.

The rain was so heavy and unrelenting we woke the following day feeling like we’d endured 24hrs of torture. Rain drumming on the tent acting like white noise we were frazzed, riding our bikes for 100kms would have been less demanding mentally. Our washing up bowl left outside was literally full and overflowing !!! We left the Island wanting to come back but glad to get home to a solid roof and no noise .. sheer bliss.


Lisa’s Pics: Click here

Ollie’s Pics: Click here




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