It’s My Birthday…

13 07 2007

Well, as most of you know, this year has been my Big 40 and although depressed as hell in the run up to it (that’s from xmas to June for those not in the know), I have to say that the actual arrival of it was a really nice surprise.

I have had fun times with friends and family, two fancy dress parties were the highlights (pics here 4 a larf one of which was a girlie camping weekend with the theme ‘girl guides / the outdoors’ oh how funny we all looked.. maybe you just had to be there I don’t know.

My hubbie has spoiled me rotten and bought me a new bike, Specialized D4W (designs for women) Stumpjumper FSR Comp from Tristore in EB, my friends and family have bought me everything I have wished for for the bike.

I have been taken away to Italy for a week of ‘billy holidaymaker’ touristic without the bikes and what a fab time we had, even with the inner ear infection caught off the plane !! Then returned home to what should have been a week of biking in North Wales but the ears said no, so we’ve chilled out at home and bought a pair of walking boots each. Why you are probably screaming… well in Italy we went for a walk, well a trek, well OK it was more of a yomp, actually it was 5 1/2 hrs down a 1500mtr mountain on near vertical trails without respite!!! And although I couldn’t walk for 3 days after and have 2 completely black toe nails & 2 blisters to show for it, we actually enjoyed it. So we got ourselves some boots and have decided to incorporate a bit of cross training to our lives as well as biking.

Not saying that we are turning into ‘Red Socks’ but we did enjoy it, although it is a little slow compared to the bike.

Anyway, one of my ambitions for my Big 40 was I wanted to walk a mountain. I kind of did that in Italy, although I have yet to walk up and down one in a day, so maybe I will save that for later in the year, but I will do it. I also wanted to take part in my first ever MTB race and that is tomorrow, the Bontrager 24/12. So watch out for our Team Muddy@rse report (Team Muddy@rse = me, Rick, Olly & Helsbells). That is if I survive Rick’s new toy flying around the living room, an annoying mini indoor helicopter from Maplins – don’t all rush out to buy one cos if he rides his bikes as well as he flies this thing we’re in for trouble!!. Mind you it’s making him grin like a kid so is well worth the 20 quid 🙂

Anyway, being 40 ain’t no big deal really. Biggest problem is all the socializing, it plays havoc with your training regime….(she says flippin coin) training /socializing, socializing / training ?!?!?!? Unfortunately, training was heads down so lucky / unlucky (?) for me I have been socializing alot and the body is starting to worry about all that biking in 12hrs tomorrow. Rick is chomping at the bit in his usual racing whippet style and getting a bit competitive for my liking (all those days racing motorbikes) but for me, I just want to soak up the atmosphere, ride my new bike and have fun. I’ll let you know how we all get on….

If you’re at the 24/12, then we look forward to seeing you there, pull up a chair and come for a cup of tea (you’ll have to bring your own cup & chair though), just look out for the big blue bus 🙂

Lisa x




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