Le Tour – Allez Allez Allez

28 07 2007

On our recent holiday we realised the Tour de  France would be winding it’s way through leafy Kent and after a rush of blood to the head, we decided to go and watch it. So, off we trundled to a forest somewhere which had a bridleway running right to the roadside where the Tour would pass, and it was only 2 miles from the car park so not too far to cycle.  Result ! Got there nice and early, like 2 ½ hrs early, and joined the small group that’d gathered.  Had a good laugh with them as the ‘Caravanne’ made it way first, throwing out a few freebies on the way.  We got a pen, sweets and skin yoghurt (!!), lady on other side of road got just about everything else, but it was her birthday so we didn’t mug her for it J   Then all of a sudden the car announcing the leader’s arrival appeared, 5 minutes to go, David Miller in the top 5, the crowds went mad.  Come on Miller, do Britain proud… Then there they were, rounding the corner really fast, Miller up front, the atmosphere was brilliant, everyone cheering him on.  Couple of minutes later the Peleton arrived in arrow formation.  There were hundreds of them.  Filling the whole road they came past with such a whoosh you could feel the draft, amazing.  Water bottles were thrown into the crowd as they went by.  The guy next to us got one, he was so chuffed.  A keen road cyclist, it was from the Team he had been supporting for years so that made his day. And then in a flash, they were gone.  Wow !  Everyone was buzzing, chatting about how fast they were and laughing at the spectacle we had just witnessed.  One for prosperity and well worth the effort.  Even got us thinking again about buying road bikes so watch this space…. Lisa

Pics here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/7914727@N03/sets/72157601064148676/




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