Speedball goes AWOL!

28 07 2007

Just before our holiday to Italy my Maverick Speedball telescopic seatpost decided to explode and spew it’s oily contents all over my conservatory, nice ! After a few phone calls to Extra UK and Evolution Cycles (thanks guys for helping out), Extra agreed to repair the post as an urgent warranty claim ‘cos we needed the bike for a week biking in Wales when we got back from Italy.  They even agreed to deal direct to save time. Apparently, the post has now been modified because the screws inside were sheering off which was catastrophically destroying them.  So, Extra put in a whole new telescopic unit (with the mod) and Rick arranged with them to upgrade the post to the remote version which currently is unavailable in the UK.  Nice ! 

True to their word, on return from Italy there it was waiting for us.  So I have to say that although I wasn’t too impressed with this expensive bit of kit destroying itself and initially wanted a full refund, I have been very impressed with Extra for the way they handled my problem.  They also gave me a new One Year Warranty so I’m happy and that’s what I call customer service.   Cheers guys.





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