Night Ride 27th Sept 07

28 09 2007

Our evening rides are arranged as a means of 1) getting out for a ride and 2) enjoying the late summer evenings while it is still relatively dry and not too cold before winter sets in.

Jim and Tony were on a mission blasting the climb up to Black Cap (training for D2D chaps?) while the more sedate of us had a couple of close calls with badgers.

Then it was down a long ‘wash-board’ descent beginning with gravely chalky singletrack that soon turned into a rutted and rooty ribbon between the brambles and nettles that were gently caressing our legs. This section is always fun(!) and tonight was no exception, Neil survived the descent but decided that new lights are a necessity and will be ordered on the next payday. Last week we pondered the question “if you fall in the trail but no-one is there to see it, did you really fall”? no enlightenment this evening. From here it was a slog up to the South Downs Way, the usual run towards Stanmer woods provided a unique sight, we stopped to regroup and looking back a couple of us were greeted by the sight of 6 dots of light descending through the blackness which eliminated all clues of perspective, weird. Stanmer woods provided the usual mix of slippery rooty singletrack and it’s a safe bet to say that every one of us came very close to tumbling on more than one occasion. I was lucky enough to push a low hanging branch out of the way using just the strength of my eyeball, no telling what damage it could have caused to my crash hat if that had hit it!

Two and half hours after we set off we were back in the car park. All lights worked perfectly with only one battery change required. A sociable ride at a steady pace wrapped up with biscuits and jelly-babies to finish.




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