Calling No. 64 !

30 09 2007

Yes that’s my number, it’s official and it won’t ever leave me.  No. 64 …that’s the Wasdale Head Mountain Rescue 64th in 2007 …and will always remind me of the day I decided to completely tear my calf muscle while only 50mtrs away from the summit of Scafell Pike (England’s highest mountain) during my recent trip to the Lake District. 

 Having already done two mountains earlier in the week (Cat Bells and High Spy) we felt good, prepared and fit enough to take on the challenge of Scafell Pike.  Local info suggested the route known as ‘The Corridor’ totalling 10 miles distance and loads of up, up, up.  When we got there it was more of a scramble than a walk with the roughest, craggiest route I have ever walked but the weather was good (which brought out droves of people like us) so we headed up what today was the motorway-like Corridor.

 3 1/2hrs in, all going well, turned the corner, the mountain steepened severely for the final bit to the summit and then snap!  I immediately fell to the ground wincing in pain… I knew what had happened was not good but was trying to play it down cos Rick looked worried.  After 10 mins we realised I weren’t going no further and tried to hobble down the mountain, 500yds and the reality dawned on us that I weren’t walking nowhere.  OMG!

So after 7hrs, 15 people, and an extreme-sledge down the sheer scree face of Lingmell Fell being passed over gates, styles and two rivers I was returned to land.  Duly embarrassed but in agony.  Rick had had to leave me with the rescue team and decend to our car in the other valley,  then drive the 50 mile round trip to get me, there’s no pass over these mountains and Scafell is in the most remote area of the Lakes looking down onto Wast Water, recently voted Britains Favourite View. I can vouch for that albeit from an extreme angle !

Lesson learnt?  Be prepared when you go into the mountains/outdoors, don’t go alone and no matter how fit you are remember we’re all only a hairs breath away from a mountain rescue.  That dawned on me while I sat for a long time on a cold rock, even though I had all the gear and was fully prepared for most eventualities, except a torn muscle !  I cannot thank the Rescue Team enough their professionalism and enthusiasm which was outstanding especially as everything they do is voluntary which is why I have given them a very nice donation to say thanks.

Anyway, now you can stop laughin and clicky link to read all about it!  (no.  7:64 – Saturday)


 The route we took:






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