Care for Connor Appeal – His Bike’s On Order

30 09 2007

Friday saw my little nephew, Connor, get fitted up for his adapted trike. We (me, Rick, Ollie, Sally, Kerry, Alec & Mike) raised £1372.00 for Connor by cycling the South Downs Way in a Day on 12 August and it’s thanks to every single person who kindly gave money that we have been successful in getting Connor his trike. The trike is costing £1,061.00 and the rest will remain in a Trustees account for Connor’s future equipment.  To see his little face light up made every single mile (100 in total) worth it because when he sat on the trike he was able to have independent mobility for the first time. Connor is 5 1/2 yrs old.  He’s now officially our youngest Muddy@rse member 🙂

I can’t thank everyone enough for the support you gave us, I promised you a pic so here goes…

connor trike

Delivery will be 4-6 weeks but once delivered 1st stop is Exceat Valley to give this lovely little fella a taste of the great outdoors that we all enjoy. Bring it on Connor !

Thanks again, Lisa x




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