Speech ! Speech !….

28 10 2007

I didn’t want to give you all hypothermia today so here’s my missing speech …

Wow !  A year ago I never dreamed Sussex Muddy@rse would be where it is today.  Proves to me what I was feeling was right , there was a need for a non-competitive MTB club in our area for people like me who just like to ride and have a good old laugh along the way. Sussex Muddy@rse’s success has been amazing, but it thanks to all of you, you make it what it is and for me all the hard work has been worth it.  The other reason I started it was to encourage women to group ride and I’m really glad to see this is working ride after ride.

However, I can’t take all the credit so big, big thanks to Ollie who set up the blog & forum from nothing, resolves any problems it has, keeps things looking nice & orderly, sends emails for me (damn Tiscali’s SPAM rules) and has patiently helped to train me in the ways of blogging.  Thanks also to his forgiving GF, Sally, who allows him to stop the DIY on their new house and help me so much x. 

Big, big thanks to Mike (Nomad) who has been involved in putting together quite a few of our rides over the last year, he leads rides, sweeps rides, recces rides and has selflessly shared his indepth local trail knowledge.  He’s also started contributing articles & reviews to the blog to keep things interesting & fresh.  Also his wife, Sarah, for supplying the now infamous maltloaf.

We’ve put on a lot of the rides through the year.  Monthly Club Rides, Ladies Rides, Night Rides, Mid Month Pedals and quite a few Muddy@rsers have also happily helped me out here.  So big, big thanks go to Grant, Mick (Ming the Merciless), Nick, Pete (Woodsman), Kevin from Evo Cycles, TonyS, Jim & Guy who have all contributed massively by putting together some fab routes and giving up their time.

We’ve done some races & enduros.  Wight Diamond, 24/12 and Dusk til Dawn.  Team Muddy@rse is all about having fun and being as competitive (or not) as the individual wants to be.  We’ll be doing more next year so if you’re interested keep your eyes peeled. 

We’ve cycled the South Downs Way in a Day, raising £1372.00 along ‘the way’ and Connor’s trike will be with him in a few weeks.

Lastly but not least, Rick.  When I started Muddy@rse he warned me he’d support me but that he wouldn’t make it his no.1 hobby, motorbikes were his no.1.  Over the year that’s changed and he’s given up many races for Muddy@rse and I never once had to twist his arm (honest!).  He’s been great, been on all the recces with me, taken photos, GPS logs, been mechanic and sweeper and even led rides.  He’s had to wait for his tea on many an occasion while I busily blog, post rides on forums, do write ups/mailouts, arrange rides, organise races and allows me to drag him out riding when he’s knackered from work etc.  Couldn’t have done it without him x

Anyway, I hope you agree that Muddy@rse is great fun and you continue to enjoy riding the trails with us.  Just turn up whenever you can and if you want to occasionally bring a flask or some cake for the post ride debrief/nosh it won’t be turned down 🙂 

Cheers Muddy@rse ! Lisa

PS  If you ever hear me mention going for a walk again give me a slap and remind me that biking is where it’s at !

PPS  How much cake was there at our birthday bash today ?  Thanks everyone for making your plentiful contributions, you all deserved it for riding in that awful weather, hoping I’ll be fit enough for the next one.




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