Purple Extreme Chain Lube

31 10 2007

My criteria for a bike chain lubricant: 1) it lasts for the duration of the ride (2-10 hours), 2) it doesn’t pick up dirt or dust and turn the chain into a dirt ingrained thing that requires hours of cleaning or soaking in degreaser. Over the years I have tried many lubes on my bike chain and had a couple of favourites; however I have now been converted to the Holy Grail of bike chain lubes, Purple Extreme.


During a leisurely ride with Muddy@rser TonyS he told me good things about Purple Extreme chain lube. It is expensive but I thought I’d give it a go if it does what it says on the tin then it should be a winner. The claims made on the bottle were all encompassing basically it does everything better than everything else. Okay I thought but what about collecting dirt and mud? The surfactants in the dispersed polymer cocktail (Synerlec?) used in Purple Extreme work by having stronger affinity than dirt/oil/grease for the metal surface. Therefore, Purple Extreme preferentially wets the metal surface and in the process lifts off all traces of dirt and oil/grease (the same way that Swarfega hand cleaner gets oils/dirt off your hands). Follow the instructions; apply a fine dribble (very easy with the narrow nozzle of the bottle) to a thoroughly degreased chain while rotating the chain backwards. Wipe the chain to remove traces of dirt/oil that have been lifted by the Purple Extreme. The bike can be ridden immediately without any deterioration in lubricating performance or leave it a couple of hours for the solvent to evaporate leaving the chain dry to the touch. The result is a chain that is coated in a very thin film of lubricant. Get out and ride, you will notice a couple of things: 1) dirt and even deep gloopy mud do not stick to the chain they may coat it but will wash off instantly with a dribble from a Camelbak and 2) the lube lasts forever, I am confident that during the summer a single application would last me a week (about 20 hours riding). When washing the bike the hydrophobic properties are evident as the water beads on any surface where Purple Extreme has been applied, this leads to the final point – I have found it tough to wash/scrub/degrease this stuff off the chain – this is good for me as I love it and use it all year round.

Apply Purple Extreme to a thoroughly degreased chain and ride, it is quick and simple to apply, doesn’t pick up dirt or mud and seems to last forever! All my boxes ticked.




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