Oh my @rse !

3 11 2007

Why is it that you can cycle as much as is humanly possible (well in my mind it feels like that), put in 100’s of miles, go spinning every week, etc, but the minute you have a 5 minute break from it all, and you then get back in the saddle, it feels as if you’ve never made contact with the damn thing in your entire life ?  Oh and you’re walking like John Wayne for a fortnight !!

Not that I’m really complaining mind you having just been on my first ride in 6 1/2 weeks it was fab and I got to bed in my new bling bling brakes, but man do I know it !  So it gets me thinking… does everyone suffer from this annoyance or just me ?  

Have a great Halloween ride everyone & see you on the trails very soon !





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