Club Ride – 25 Nov, North Downs Road Trip No.2

20 11 2007

Sunday we’re returning to North Downs for some cracking singletracking on Pitch and Holmbury Hill. This is my first proper ride back from injury so it won’t be too fast a pace (especially as I’m leading!) but it will be fun with plenty to keep you on your toes.

Hopefully the trails will have dried out a bit by then but up there, even if it’s lobbing it down, it usually drains really well and so should be nice and rideable. Just watch out for slippery roots ! The riding is technical up here so I’d advise anyone not too used to that to give this one a miss until you’ve got a few rides under your belt. Bring plenty of food and drink, although we will be stopping at some point at the infamous Deli in Peaslake who do most things, including takeaway tea & coffee etc.

Time: 10.30am
Where: Peaslake Carpark (Map Link:
Nearest train station: Think it’s Gomshall but double check and it will be a ride to the start so give yourself plenty of time.

Let us know if you’re coming because we’re also going to keep the group to no more than 20/25 otherwise it will be a nightmare keeping everyone together as there are just so mant twists and turns up here.





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