Review: Camelbak Bottle

26 11 2007

Rick and I got one last Christmas and I reckon they are the best way to make you drink more water. We love ‘em. Getting your 8 glasses of water a day is a drag and I always forget, but seeing this striking bottle on the worktop just makes you want to fill it up and gulp ! The beauty of them is you can even drink while lying down because they work on a syphon-type system. The tube goes to the bottom of the bottle and you suck like on a camelbak with no need to tip the bottle up to get the water. They don’t spill or leak and take 750ml. So, do 2 of these a day and you’re getting nearly 8 glasses of water without really noticing. At about £12 they are not cheap but I reckon they’re worth it ,oh and they look great ! Lisa




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