Review: Dirtworker

27 11 2007

Another winter comes round resulting in mud and grit covered bikes, I try to be conscientious and clean the bike a soon as I get home but we all know what is said about best laid plans….I had seen people with the Dirtworker in carparks and without exception everyone thought it was brilliant and couldn’t understand how they had previously survived without it.

I took the plunge and ordered one; it arrived the day after the order was placed with a couple of bars of chocolate tucked into the plastic bag holding the instructions – great customer service. It is basically a water container with a built in pump that operates from a car cigarette lighter socket. In use it is virtually silent and the psi pressure from the pump is just right for squirting mud of a bike. The water flow can be varied between a jet and a spray by adjusting the nozzle of the gun. The water hoze is very robust and the ‘gun’ is made from brass and tough plastic and appears to be strong. The container lid has a couple of small holes to allow air in as the water is used and although I thought these would allow water to spill into the back of the car this has never happened. The whole thing packs up very neatly and easily fits into the boot space of my small hatchback.

I have found the best cleaning method is a combination of the Dirtworker and an old washing-up brush this is enough to remove gloopy mud, gritty gunge and leaf mulch from the bike (including gears and fiddly areas), wheels and tyres. The container holds enough water to clean 1 bike to sparkling condition or 2 bikes without doing the wheels and tyres. Topping the container up with water is an option if you have any or there is a tap nearby.

Is it worth it? it does what it says on the tin and the feeling of getting home and not having to face cleaning the bike in the dark when all I want is coffee is very welcome. Not necessary and a tad expensive but anyone who buys one will soon find it indispensable.

A hit.




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