Club Ride – SATURDAY 15 Dec, Bracknell Forest, Nr Swinley

7 12 2007

We’ve teamed up with Gayle & Jay of the Tunnel Hill Trolls fame, and Shecycles and Quest for this ride on the LUSH singletrack at Bracknell Forest.

Not been there before ? Well, if you like miles and miles of sweet technical forest singletrack then get yourself along. Bracknell has loads of it and it drains really well at this time of year (erm, is this seriously good forward planning or what !) and is much better than our mushy clay / slimey chalk. So if you fancy a nice old change then Bracknell’s your place. Well with Gayle & Jay’s fantastic local knowledge it is πŸ™‚

There will be a split of groups to make life easier/more fun of beginners, inters, gnarly and BOYZ !

So, turn up, buy your Β£1.50 Forest permit from the Look Out Centre (if you’re law abiding), choose your group, RIDE for hours, stop for lunch and chat/eat at the visitor centre (or bring your own sarnies) , choose your afternoon group (depending how fit you feel) and ride some more. After that, there’s always a trip to the friendly LBS on offer who stock just about everything you could wish for, and more, and there may even be a bit of Xmas discount if you ask nicely πŸ™‚ We’ve been told there might be the odd mince pie thrown in too, but if you fancy contributing some cakes to say thanks to Gayle & Jay for all their kind organising/leading please feel free to contribute it is XMAS after all HO HO HO !

If you are coming along would you please let us know because this is always a popular ride and it would be good to get an idea of numbers before the day. Thanks

When: SATURDAY (yes, that’s SATURDAY) 15 December

Time: 10 for 10.30 roll

Where: The Look Out Car Park, Bracknell Forest, Nr Swinley. Click for Directions and here for a Map.

Cheers & look forward to seeing you on the day.





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