Muddy@rse South Downs Way in a Day 2008: Who’s up for it?

4 01 2008

The time has come around for volunteers to step forward.

In response to my last post on this subject there were a couple of definates and quite a few maybes, the time has come for decisions. More updates, details and training information will follow.

  • Please can you leave a reply/comment to this note only if you are intending to do this event. Individual responsibilities can scupper anyones best intentions but at this stage we are trying to get an indication of the numbers.
  • The date has yet to be finalised but it will be a weekend close to the 21st June and will not clash with any race events that are going on around that time. This leaves plenty of time for the required training miles – endurance not speed is required!
  • We welcome help eg getting people to the start point in Winchester for 5:30am for example. It would be fantastic if anyone can help with supporting the ride eg has a van/estate car+volunteer driver to shadow the ride for the whole day. This is a big undertaking and critical to the success of the event, if you can help out please let us know at one of the monthly rides.
  • Last year the Muddy@rse ride raised about £1300.00 it would be great to better this in 2008. (Please do not reply to this note with offers of money donations – there will be plenty of time for that!)
  • Please read the previous post to get an idea of what the ride is about (it is in the ‘Club Rides’ section – follow link & scroll down).


If anyone wants to do 65 miles Winchester to Devils Dyke or QEP to Devils Dyke leave a comment to let us know. We are trying to raise money for a good cause and the more sponsorships etc the bigger the cheque at the end.


During the last month or so at the regular rides there have been a few comments on target times and speeds for the Muddy@rse SDW event. To recap, the objective of the Muddy@rse ride is that everyone who starts the event will finish it in a day without any mishaps. Anyone seeking a race of any type should look elsewhere, there are plenty of other SDW events such as those organised by the BHF that would be more suitable for you.





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