Winter Riding Tips (that’s night and day!)

11 01 2008

Just been reading this article on BikeRadar and it’s got some good advice if you’re 1. not riding through the winter, 2. not done a night ride before.  check it out there’s some good tips in it.  I reckon we could have all benefited from the Buff over our mouths on our -5 degree night ride on 19 Dec, quite a few of us suffered lung butter (as JimKirk so lovingly called it) for days after. I know what I’ll be doing in future.  What I won’t be doing though is stopping winter day / night riding.  What’s that saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”… happy biking & I reckon that’s a damn good excuse for a bit of outdoor clothing retail therapy !


clicky link for article:-




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