Club Ride – Sunday 24 February 08

16 02 2008

OK, we’re back to the South Downs for an XC blast starting from Butts Brow just outside Eastbourne. 

This area promises great open trails, bits of the SDW and if the weather is kind and we all have the legs, we’ll dip into Friston to take in the Downhill run.  Bits could be muddy, bits could be slippy, but they’ll all be good fun and there’s nothing too dodgy and the downhill singletrack has chicken runs to the side.  Total mileage will be about 16 (ish) and there’s snacks to be had at Birling Gap if everyone wants to stop, although as usual, come prepared just in case because if the weather is bad we’ll just keep riding.

Everyone got their Slime Tubes sorted so we don’t have the punctures we managed on the last ride, right then job’s a goodun see you on the 24th.

Time:   10.30am roll

Where:  Butts Brow Car Park, off Old Willingdon High Street, Nr Eastbourne.  Pay & Display.  Bring loads of change cos I don’t know how much it is, possibly £3 (ish).

Clicky link for map:,0.240381513678446|16|4&loc=GB:50.7915406155486:0.240381513678446:16

Look forward to seeing you then.





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