Review: Winter Tyres – Bontrager Mud X’s

5 03 2008

After trying many, many tyres over the years and trying to deal with the varying terrains we have in the South East through winter, I have to say that we are pretty struck by the Bontrager Mud X’s.  They perform really well in, well, mud (of all types and stickinesses), roots, chalk, grass, sand and rock.  We think they are not only a great mud tyre (man do they dig in to the crust below the slop) but they also work really well on just about everything else and, let’s face it, not one trail is made up of the same geology from end to end, we need something that will deal with all terrain types, even on just a 5 mile loop.  Bontrager Mud X’s seem to do that, for us anyway. 

They’re not as draggy as the Kenda Nevegals we ran last year and are nowhere near as twitchy as Panaracer Trailrakers and clear mud so much better than Panaracer XC Pro’s.  Being ‘Gumbi’ rubber (I love that word) they do drag a tiny, tiny bit but the payback is grip on slimey, wet stuff.  They’re a tiny bit twitchy on rocky trails (like at Afan) but for what is an out and out mud tyre they performed sublimley on just about everything we could throw at them.  We’ve both been impressed ride after ride throughout this winter. 

Rick has converted his to tubeless (although I’m still running Slimes) and he’s even more impressed at the performance.  He used Stans No Tubes (bit tricky to fit) which fills the tyre with a latex goo and means you get the light performance of no tube but with the added benefit of sealing punctures like Slimes.  He’s been able to run higher tyre pressures than normal but still getting the feedback of a tyre running half the air pressure.  Very impressive.  We’ve yet to get a puncture on the tubeless conversion so I’ll let you know if our opinion changes when it happens, but so far so good. 

Either way Bonti Mud X’s are the tyre for us and will see them on our bikes right up until spring has sprung good and proper.  We’ll then get the Panaracer Cinders out for the dry dusty summer trails….everyone remember those halcyon days of summers gone by ?  Won’t be long now 🙂





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