Winter Favourites

26 03 2008

Like me, do you have a cupboard full of tops and tights but find you stick to your favourite few, especially in the winter where the warmest one always seems to find it’s way to the top of the pile ?  Well, here’s our list of favourites throughout this winter.  It’s not a review just what we like….

Gore Next2Skin Windproof LS Jersey with unzippable arms – Rick

Endura Singletrack long trousers – Rick

Endura Thermalite Ladies long tights – Me

Sombrio Stretch Baggies with Butterfly embroidery – er, Me !

Woolie Boolie Socks – Rick

Specialized Waterproof Boots – Rick

North Face Fleece Jumpers – Both of us, can’t beat em for warmth

Gore Windstopper Gilet with removable arms – Me

Assos Minty @rse Lard – doesn’t everyone use it ?

Buff – Me, especially on night rides covering my mouth to keep bronchitis at bay

These little beauties have kept us riding day and night this winter and we love em.  Watch’s been your favourite items through the season and why ?




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