Club Ride: Singeltrack at St Leonards – Sun 29 June

23 06 2008

Following on from the great ride in less than dry conditions last year (oh what an understatement) we’re returning for some singletrack fun in St Leonards & Tilgate Forests.  Led by Muddy@rser Pete (Woodsman) on some of his favourite local trails we’re returning for a bit more of what’s on offer…

The mileage is high and so is the skill level for this ride (both up and down) so if you’re not at your best / most confident then maybe it’s one to give a miss.  If you rode it last year then you’ll have no problem this year.  You have been warned though and come prepared for a long day in the saddle.  24 miles minimum and it’ll probably take all day.

Time:   10.30am

Where:  Roosthole Car Park, Hammerpond Lane, Nr. Horsham (red circle shows meet point:,-0.2780|15|4&loc=GB:51.0553:-0.2780:15&dp=841)

Snacks & Stuff:  None en-route so bring lots of water and food.

Marshalls:  If you fancy joining in the fun keeping the group together ,then just let us know because we’d love your help keeping the ride flow going. Got a walkie talkie, great bring it along too.

If you could let us know you’re coming all the better because we need to keep numbers around 20 or else it could be difficult keeping a huge group together in the woods.  Don’t forget this biking malarky can be hazardous, so you ride at your own risk at all times and a helmet MUST be worn or no ride. 

All that said, here’s to a great ride Sunday & hopefully see you there.  I’ll bring some coffee for the habitual debrief/chat/laughs around the big blue bus !… Cheers, Lisa




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