G2 Revolver – the long good saturday !

7 07 2008

Well, it was local – Stanmer Park – so it needed supporting.  TMK we never get anything this way down south anymore so it had to be, didn’t it ?  Rick and I entered as a pair. Not to be competitive, but just to take part really.  As many laps as possible but to check out the  course on our local stomping ground, taking in the atmosphere along the way.  I mean Gary Fisher travelled from California for this event so coming from Eastbourne was no bother.  (joolze diamond photos are up : http://www.joolzedymond.com/

Did I mention me and Gary are mates ?  There we were in the transition, he cycling about on his own, me just finished a lap and buzzing and being my chatty self I decided to say ‘hello’.  We continued to chat through the day, it’s a mini claim to fame that while walking to the loo he recognised me from earlier and asked me how I was getting on and we chatted again.  Fame at last but with bog roll in hand.  No wonder he was smirking lol !

Rick was much, much faster than me and being naturally competitive on the B of ‘Bang’ … he was off like a shot at the start, 1st lap 38 mins, I mean, the professional guys were doing 32 mins, slow down FFS Rick ! I went off deciding I was in it to finish and not to win it so my lap times reflected that.  Checking out the course and enjoying the dry trails, thinking how lucky we were consider the rubbish weather forecast that had been freaking me out all week.  Rick then did a double lap to help me have a bit of rest (thanks Ricky), it turned out to be a killer, he was hit by mad heat cramps and just about finished his last lap, little did I know as I went out again because they hit big time once he’d rested. 

We’d chosen walkie talkies to keep a smooth transition and halfway through my next lap I found out Rick was in trouble.  He needed a rest before going out again.  Here our ‘race’ ended.  He tried another lap but turned back before the finish of the evil 1st climb, which just seemed to go on forever.  Rick was shot, his legs completely crippled in pain.  So a rest was needed and we and decided to just chill and do what we were able to.   He wasn’t happy.  I went out for a 3rd lap but because Rick hadn’t completed his last lap, our lap times were all shot. 

Loads of Muddy@rsers had made the visit to say hi and give morale support today, big thanks to everyone who came along it was great to see you.  Lisa and Pete turned up nearer the end of the day and when I offered Pete the chance of ride in place of Rick there was definitely a twinkle was in his eye.  I decided if I came back from my lap and he fancied it, then great.  Guess what ? He was up for it 🙂   So, number plates swopped over, Pete and I transitioned and he went off for a blinding lap (35 mins).  Pete we need you next year mate ! 

So that’s our race finished and we sit chilling with a beer and pie having a laugh and chatting about the day.  How lucky were we to have this event on our doorstep ?  Shame it wasn’t supported by more riders but TBH that made better riding for us as the trail wasn’t completely logged with racers intent on overtaking in dodgy places meaning everyone got a decent ride.  TMK everything went smoothly and there were no accidents but definitely plenty of tired and happy faces at the finish line, all met by ‘The Fish’ with a pint of Harveys.  How very Sussex !  The strangest thing is Stanmer is an open park so while we’re racing there’s people walking their dogs, running, etc. it was weird having to dodge these obstacles while doing your best to get round in one piece on the technical singletrack. Oh and did I mention Axel Rose was singing in the bushes, til next year (hopefully)  Lisa

Here’s few piccies from Guy:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/9462794@N08/sets/72157605993274310/

and more here…http://ricksgallery.fotopic.net/c1540727.html




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