Muddy@rsers Go ‘Over The Edge’ in Austria !

21 08 2008


After the most spectacular car packing experience of our lives (a pure work of art) it was too soon to…….. buzzzzzzzzzzzz it’s 5.30am, oh how I hate early mornings. But a holiday was to be had so I dragged my sorry @rse out of bed, thoughts of the roadtrip to Austria starting to (slowly) skip through my mind. Car sharing with Olly & Sally we’re off to Dover but bad traffic meant we missed it by 10 mins! 2hr dockside wait eating the ugliest / nastiest breakfast bap you’ve ever seen and we were eventually on our way from Calais.

Travelling through France, Belgium and Germany we were all buzzing proper now. Mile after mile being churned up, the backdrop quickly changing from the flatlands of France (one big cabbage patch) into lumpier Belgium, just as the rain arrived and it continued almost non-stop all the way there.

But a late start, a few wrong turns and bad weather = we’re late for the overnight stop. Decision made, we’d go for it no matter what time we arrived. That turned out to be 1.15am Munich-time. We were all knackered but the worst was done and tomorrow was the scenic route through Austria towards our holiday proper. We prayed for sunshine…..


….but we weren’t blessed with it.  But today was Sally’s birthday so everyone was happy with pressies and cards being ripped open and a nice new shiney Thomson stem to adorn her exotic steed. Broken cloud with sun peeking through kept our spirits high as we meandered through the instant chocolate box of Austria. Immaculately clean, orderly, beautiful, and that was on a grey day! Lunch at the infamous Kitzbuhel was interesting with a choice of cold beefburger baps, hot (sp)ham sandwiches or cheese baguettes. Yum…was this a taste of things to come ? We invested in some euro-cr@p and munched all the way to Kaprun, felling sick within 5 mins of getting back in the car!

Arriving at our 4* Ski-chalet (which soon became known as ‘Das Hut’) we were very pleased with our pickings. 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, internet connection, balcony and views to die for to the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier ( Oh yes, we had arrived 🙂

All we needed now was Donna and Rich who’d flown to Salzburg taking in a little bit of hobb-nobbing culture en-route at a Mozart concert. Once they’d arrived and the excitement’d settled down us 6 Muddy@rsers chilled with a beer then ventured out to celebrate our arrival and Sally’s birthday, a gorgeous meal was had, being served by Heidi of the Mountains in traditional dress (well we were tourists) and Rick’s meal even turning up a delightful little wooden wheelbarrow-bizarre!! Oh and it was finished off with a glass or two of schnapps.  Well, when in Austria? But we were happy J Mountainbiking, did anyone mention mountainbiking ?

the story continues tomorrow ….Lisa




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