Austria: Day 6 – A well earned rest, or was it ?

27 08 2008

4 out of 6 fancied the Glacier hike, the rain cloud shrouding it said NO !   A quick trip to tourist info and armfuls of leaflets later we all decided to go on the Gorge Boardwalk, literally a stone’s thrown from our apartment and apparently beautiful.

Beautiful it was and definitely something unique.  A wooden boardwalk grafted onto the hillside, magically suspended over the raging waterfalls and pools below.  It was quite a sight, just the right amount of walking to stretch the legs.  A few of us carried up and round the aqua lake stopping for strudel on the way.  Although Forrella was on offer if you fancied a nice piece of dried up trout with a slap of mayonnaise on the side, the 3 people who’d ordered it had obviously changed their mind as the mistress of Das Hut was shouting repeatedly ‘via forella’ (sp?) to no avail.  I was in fits, she reminded me of ‘release the bombs’ (can’t remember name) in Austin Powers movies.  I could not stop laughing.  It continued to tickle us all week 🙂

So, we’d managed so far 2 out of 4 but did we get on Das Boote……?

What a daft idea, a barbecue on a boat!  Who ever thought of putting those two things together?  They either deserve a medal or to be put in a lunatic asylum.  We thought it was suitably, “Austrian crazy fun, ja”.  So we had to check it out.
Initial investigations were not looking too good.  Tourist info couldn’t book it, they could only give us a number to try.  That number proved to be out of date.  Some more digging finally found the mad lady owner, but the forecast was for rain so she said try later.
Our relentless determination in this aquatic quest finally paid off when mad lady gave the thumbs up later that day.  So we headed off, raw meat in hand, to the Zellersee lake for our bonkers boat fest.
Expecting to find an army of such boats milling around a cordoned off edge of this big lake, we were very surprised that we were the only barbecue boat and we had the whole mile-long lake at our disposal.  Cool!  So with coals aflame, motor primed and champagne at the ready, we headed out for our dinner in a dinghy.
Now for those of you desperate to know the technical details, the boat was of circular construction, about 2.5 metres in diameter, with a lightweight hull and fitted with an electric motor (ideal for low noise, permitting audible conversation).  The barbecue was in the centre and the jolly sailors sat around the outside (max. capacity of eight).  Whilst our barbecue used coals, further investigations showed there was stowage for a gas bottle, but alas none was fitted.
In fact it was a shame they didn’t give us gas bottle, as it took most of our two hours on the water to get the bloody barbecue going.  Ollie and Rick came up with several ingenious ways to try and get the coals to come to life, whilst Lisa did a sterling job of cooking the food on what little heat we had.  Thankfully we had lots of nice nibbles to keep us going, oh and plenty of alcohol.
Sally discovered the art of making the boat do donuts on the water and, as each of us took turns at the helm, we visited each side of the lake and posed for photos for passers-by on more conventional watercraft.
The lake is surrounded by the high mountains of the Pinzgau region.  So as I polished off glass after glass of wine, I could look up at the next day’s challenge, the Huntstein mountain, and wonder how the bloody hell would I manage that with a hangover.
Finally dins was ready and we tucked into yummy marinaded chicken, kebabs and burgers.  The last of which was having to be scoffed as Rich took us nimbly back into harbour as alas our time was up.  But Lisa and I were determined to keep on partying, so whilst Ollie and Sally ran the Richards back to Kaprun in the car, we swiped the last of the wine and beer for some sneaky drinkies.  These were quaffed at a nearby sports track.  So when Ollie came to pick us up, we were found running round the track and trying our hand at the longjump, lol!
Great night, great fun, great mates.  Cheers!  Donna



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