Club Ride – 31 August, Surrey Hills & North Downs

29 08 2008

Hi everyone, sorry for the late post but I’ve been mulling over the trail and where to park because where I want to start, parking is very limited, but I think it’ll be worth it because it’s straight onto singletrack and that’s nothing but good.  So I’m sure you’ll forgive my lardiness once you get there 🙂

Anyway, here’s the info you need:-

Start Time:  10.30am

Where:  Holmbury St Mary (Car park just outside the Youth Hostel).  Park REALLY close together please because it IS small.  BE WARNED it’s a really small lane and easy to miss so follow the map directions carefully !  Map link here:,145044&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&dn=611&ax=510361&ay=145044

Nearest train station:  Gomshall.

The Ride:  Surrey Hills so expect everything.  It will be singletrack, technical, but not scarey, with plenty of climbing and narrow trails.  This ride takes you onto Holmbury and Leith then onto the North Downs proper.  Mileage should be around 17 but don’t quote me.  The forecast for Sunday is, well, changeable, so bring everything you may ever need for a ride in the summer in England (ie as much as you’d need in winter).  There’s Leith Hill Tower if you need urgent supplies but we won’t be stopping long there.  There’s a pub just before the end though and we fully intend on stopping  there for a bit of nosh and social before heading back to the cars.  Remember choose your park spot carefully if you don’t want to stay for the pub because you could get blocked in, forcing you to stop for a pint and pie !

As promised, I’ll be bringing the Muddy@rse jerseys and we’ll definitely be wearing ours so you won’t miss us 🙂

Hope to see you Sunday, Lisa




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