God Save the Queen (Elizabeth Country Park) !

13 10 2008

A ride report with a difference courtesy of Muddy@rser Donna.  God bless all who read it:-

“Ladies & Gentlemen, please be upstanding for the National Anthem (Muddy @rse style)…

The Gods paved our singletrack
With sun, smiles and trails hard-packed.
Muddy-@rsers are blessed!
Climbs sharp and viscious,
Descents fast and glorious,
Long may it not rain over us,
God save the Queen (Elizabeth Country Park).

Dieter got to know the group,
As Jez tested his new Dawg on the loop,
Muddy-@rsers are we.
Rick he did take the lead,
Whilst Guy tried out Rich’s single speed,
Can he now justify the need,
To his long-suffering wife?

A loop out to Beacon Hill,
The slog back taxed our will,
Muddy-@rsers head home.
The last descent we did make,
With big grins and hands off the brake,
Back to cars for tea and scrummy cake.
God save the Queen (Elizabeth Country Park).”

Thanks to everyone who joined us that day but most of all wishing Jo a very, very speedy recovery.
Donna x
You may now all sit. Lisa



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