Hallowe’en Night Ride – Friday 31 October

20 10 2008

Afraid of the dark? Then you’d better NOT join us for a spooky night ride out onto the South Downs from Alfriston dipping into some even spookier, tight and twisty singletrack action in Friston Forest. We’ll be taking in the hair raisingly-frightening drop in(s) of ‘Morticia’ and ‘Sh!t Creek’.  Fancy dress on either you or your bike would be cool to get into the ‘spirit’ of things and we’re hoping to get a bird’s eye view of some fireworks enroute too. So be there or be scared !

Time: 7.30pm

Where: Alfriston village Car Park (NOTE: from A27 go PAST 1st CPark on left, then take next CPark on bend on right JUST BEFORE entering village)

Clicky Link for car park: 


Oh and did I mention we’re stopping off for a beer at one of the pubs in the village afterwards, medicinal of course, to calm the nerves 🙂  Lisa




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