My Travels with Satan!

20 10 2008

Following on from My Travels with Bob, we bought a trailer from Edinburgh Cycles which unfortunately turned up broken. Luckily I knew a very handy welder (Rick) which meant the trip we’d planned was still a goer. Once on our way the trailer turned out to also be lopsided, closer inspection showed the two main hinges were out of alignment, handy welder luckily was able to sort this by basically rebuilding it. It should have been returned but a deadline was a deadline and we needed to get going on our trip. 

So stoked with excited off we went for a wild camp, catching the train to the depths of Falmer (!) for a 2 day trip heading homeward and wild camping along the way.  Heading off into the darkness, trailer d Rick groaning under the weight of food and drink for 2 days, full backpacking camping gear, biggest sleeping bags we owned (forecast was frost!), warm clothes etc etc.


Trailer seemed to be going OK, it was frosty as predicted and flippin freezing tucked away at the bottom of Castle Hill. Waking early to sunshine though we arrogantly thought we’d ducked the crappy forecast ‘severe weather warning’ forecast, glad we’d made the effort. Oh how wrong we were ….

Trundling along the Hidden Valley, black clouds now forming, it started. Then it stopped, then it started again. The predicted rain ! New chain on Rick’s bike slipping like hell, not good when you’re dragging 30lb of weight behind you. We decided to swop and I’d have a go pulling trailer. Chain swopped then swopped again and the weather worsening by the minute, we were eventually off again. 4 mile covered so far – this trip becoming epic for all the wrong reasons.

Climbing out the steep road pull of Telscomb we headed off down a new open bridleway that caught our eye, this is where he decided to reveal himself. No, not Rick, Satan ! As we bombed down the hill, the rear of my bike felt, well, wrong.  Shouting to stop made no difference, Rick was off having a blast.  So I continued, starting to scrub speed but not quick enough.  A violent whirring rubbing noise followed by a huge wobble on the back of my bike then, nothing.  Managing to come to a halt without crashing, I looked round.  The trailer had departed company from my back wheel and was now sitting 50mtrs up the trail.  Took the skewer with it too, how did I know, picking my bike up to cycle back up the trail, the back wheel fell out !!  Turns out the only thing keeping it in was me braking.  How flipping lucky ?

Gathering my shaken nerves I sat watching Rick do an extensive trail repair to the buckled skewer so I could continue riding.  An hour later with winds blowing a houlie and the rain lashing at our faces, he’d managed it.   We were only a short drop into Rodmell and decided to bail, the pub calling us for a lunch stop.  Cancelling our 2nd night wild camp with Rich and Donna we eventually headed home on the train, me glaring at Satan all the way home. 

In summary, we knew we took a risk fettling with the trailer and that we’d probably invalidated the warranty but the workmanship was very shoddy and I could have been very hurt following the accident so we emailed Edinburgh cycles.  There’s nothing they’ll do about the trailer (even though we’ve shownt them before and after photos), fair enough I suppose it was our choice to make changes.  As a gesture of goodwill though they’ve sent us a replacment skewer.  I think we were unlucky and got a friday trailer and as Rick has rebuilt it into it’s proper shape, you never know I MIGHT have another go.  In the meantime Satan sits in the shed hanging his head in shame.  Lisa  




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