Wild Camping…on yer bike ?

27 10 2008

Not everyone’s into camping, right ?  So that makes the odds of bumping into someone when wild camping even slimmer.  And that’s why we like it.

Travelling to a destination with a rough idea of where and when you’ll be camping, but allowing the flexibility of life to drift you along until you’re ready to pitch your bivvy / tent somewhere.  All you need is a bit of flat grass and a view.  Doesn’t have to be miles away from home to be exciting and fun either.

Leave no trace is the key.  That way farmers and landowners usually turn a blind eye to your exploits, safe in the knowledge that you care for the countryside and your surroundings; and won’t be leaving shed loads of rubbish behind you.  We’ve never had a problem yet.  Pick a tucked away spot, off the main trails & byways (don’t want to get run over in the night), not disturbing cattle or folk and you’re sorted.  Finally, travel light.  Every single thing you take needs a use or leave it at home.  Dry sacks are brilliant to keep stuff dry (of course) but also use one as your rubbish bin; keeps all the messy goo you’re taking home (if you’ve cooked that is), off you and your precious gear.

Wild camping, probably happening in a field somewhere near you – and you won’t even know it.  Mum’s the word  😉

Clicky link for more inspiring photos:  http://photos-by-lisa.photosnaps.org.uk/c1599946.html




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