Box-It – A review in time for Xmas ?

2 11 2008

Bought after a rainy day riding at Glentress where I convinced myself a bit of retail was needed.  This handy little ‘Box-it’ is a totally waterproof gadget for keeping your mobile phone bone dry.

The good bit is you can make calls and texts while the phone is contained within the box.  It’s got a  ‘flexi’ front panel so you can push all the buttons (not so easy with gloves on), answer calls and it actually works too!  Apparently the membrane is made by Gore-tex so it must be good.  It comes in 2 sizes but not for clamshell/Razr type phones. 

If your phone’s not deep enough to fill the box they provide a little widget to take up the slack and a belt clip gets thrown in too.  I don’t use the widget, I decided to fill the space in mine with a credit card, my M@ Emergency Contact Details Card and some money.  Eliminating taking along an extra wallet/purse and your important stuff also stays lovely and dry, without affecting the phone. 

So far, so good.  Haven’t been in a monsoon yet but I have faith and will report back if it lets me down (edit:  It did stay completely dry on the last Club ride).  Not cheap at £18 approx, but I think it’s a practical gadget that’s worth having.  You can also buy an accessory handlebar mount for about £7.  Check it out here:





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