Lost my mojo ?

9 12 2008

Mojo:  according to hoodoo gives magical powers and was famously lost by Austin Powers, yeah baby !

Biking Mojo:  a feeling of zen when riding your bike.  Can be found on any sweet piece of singletrack, looking at a great view, getting some air under your wheels / in your lungs or just pootling along in good company.  However you get it, it’s needed to put power to your pedals. 

Losing your Biking Mojo: will be devastating to your frame of mind and bring about misery and boredom. 

I think I’ve lost mine at the moment and I know I’m not alone.  Why ?

The weather (big time); illness; crashing too much; pain; stupidly muddy trails to ride for what seems like a lifetime; washing machine overuse syndrome (and resulting chinese laundry syndrome); repeatedly getting soaking wet in my worse-than-useless waterproof jacket; losing fitness; stress; dark nights; the list is endless. 

Hating to admit defeat, what should a girl do when she’s lost her mojo ?  Sell the bike?  Glare at it to make her feel better ?  For how long ?  Is there a time limit no one’s told me about ?  If I wait it out, will it get better ?  Am I being a wimp ?  

I don’t want to go out riding anymore if the weather’s rubbish, I’ve had enough of it for a while, I seem to’ve lost my british of spirit of just getting out there, but I miss my bike and the fresh air.  It’s a quandry.

Possible solutions are:  go to the gym; go to an indoor spinning class; ride a road bike for a while; do a different sport and get in a bit of cross-training; give it a rest for a while and see if it returns; book a holiday and focus; meditate; yoga; hypnosis !

I know all of these will possibly work but with your mojo missing it’s hard to get motivated.  Who else has been there, got the t-shirt and found a solution ?  Answers welcome on a virtual postcard please….Lisa




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