Nov 08 – Tunnel Hill Trolls Road Trip

9 12 2008

The Trolls living under the Bridge by the Hill near the Tunnel invited us up to play with them.  I can vouch that Trolls aren’t scarey after all, in fact they’re really quite nice and show you all their sweet, sweet, trails if you ask them nicely.

So a roadtrip was on, an 80 miler for me and Rick, but definitely worth the drive.  It was doing the usual, pouring down, but ignoring the freezing raindrops we wheeled straight from the car park and into the singletrack.   The Trolls said “we’ve never seen it so wet on the Hill” but the ground holds up well compared to our claggy clay mud and although very wet, it was still very rideable.

The trails are tight, technical offcamber up and down and rooty (translation = can be slippy in wet) but with some monster drop ins and Star Wars-like gulleys to jedi our way round – could you feel the force ? – we were having fun even with the freezing temperature.

The woodwork is low so you’re not going to break your neck, unless you naff up the see saw, and with a few skinnys and a fallen tree to master enroute there’s plenty of challenge.  Friendly banter all the way round kept our spirits up as the rain unrelented, and the gang of 4/5 diehard singlespeeders sweeping the group kept the fun going with the occasional pirate hollar ‘ha har’ and dinging of bells at each singletrack entry.  Great fun and the snifter of someone’s whiskey handouts kept us warm at the munch stop (cheers me hearty’s). 

Cutting the ride a bit short we headed home taking in Chop Suey, P45 and No Quitting Corner.  Great trails carved by a great gang who very generously shared them with us.  Big thanks go to Jay for leading and his crew for keeping us together.  A return offer goes out to you all for a ride on the South Downs, but maybe leave it till the trails dry out so we can show you the best bits in all their glory !  I suppose that leaves about 1 day next year then at this rate lol !  Now, where’s that crystal ball ?

Richard from Diaryofamountainbiker was with us today and here’s his cool video footage of the ride… enjoy !




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