Ride Report: Peaslake, 28 Dec 08

31 12 2008

A much smaller group than usual met up on Sunday but my mum always said ‘small things come in little bundles’ so off we eventually rode (er, sorry WE were a bit late guys!) doing a 3 leaf clover onto Pitch, Wooton and Holmbury.  We’ve ridden the trails before but they never disappoint no matter what.  We went up the (cheeky) steep rooty climb to top of Pitch and before the summit, dipped into the trees on the left and rolled our way back down a mixture of trails to the top Pitch car park. 

Over the road, up the lumpy gulley toward the windmill, back upon ourselves heading towards Clawhammer then Surface of Mars and dropped by various means into the tight gully at the end.  Up and over past the Scout Hut back into Peaslake and said farewell to Ollie and Sally (cheers for the mince pies guys).  Cold had got deep into Sally’s bones so after a quick cup of warming tea and cake with us at the Deli, they hit the road home.

We carried on to Holmbury, winching our way up Radnor to the Elephant and singletracking our way towards Barry Knows Best via a little detour. Looking for a trail I hit on in the summer, but to no avail.  The extra climbing kept us warm though eh ?  With light fading and the temperature now really dropping, we decided to leave Telegraph Row for another day and headed via singletrack to the Reservoir.  Seats lowered, grins applied, we headed into BKB.  It was bone, bone dry and rolled beautifully.  There’s a bit of errosion on the corners now exposing many off camber bone coloured roots and the final decent is a miriad of lines but all of them great fun 🙂 

Everywhere was white crispy all day the ground frozen solid except for only a small number of places on Clawhammer.  It was flippin great, mojo successfully returned.

(read this month’s MBR there’s a write up on Holmbury Hill and the Hurtwood Control.  They’re trying to get MTB’ers to join Hurtwood Control for £25 a year to help contribute to trail repair and building – volunteers also required.  A while ago I’d heard they were considering banning MTB’s on these hills for various reasons but now accept the sport isn’t going to go away, so are trying to embrace riding in the area and developing new trails too – which is great for us.

Any help they can get financially or otherwise would obviously be appreciated. I know a few of us are already members but if you ride there a lot maybe consider  joining because the area’s given MTB’ers in the South many hours of fun, free of charge, over the years it’d be good to see it get even better. That’s the plug over with….) 

Cheers for a good ride guys, see you on the trails in 2009!  Happy New Year, Lisa & Rick




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