Fast(er) Rides – 15 March

10 03 2009

A recent discussion in the forum generated the idea of fast(er) rides that run mid-month to compliment the regular monthly rides, but stretch riders fitness levels.  Still aimed at being a fun day out, the rides will be a good challenge for most weekend warriors !

This Sunday – 15 March – sees the first ride taking place.  The rules are:-

  1. The ride will be fast(er) than the more social monthly rides
  2. Stopping will be minimal
  3. Mileage will be longer
  4. Groups will be smaller
  5. Routes will be published pre-ride (check out the forum now for Sunday’s ride details and a bit more detail)
  6. Each person is responsible to get themselves back unaided
  7. Bail out options will be provided
  8. You have to accept that you may get dropped
  9. Slime tubes please, if you puncture you will have to pedal hard to catch up
  10. Be self-sufficient (food/drink/tools etc)
  11. Enjoy the punishment !

Start Time: 10am prompt

Where:  Redhill Train Station Car Park (at the top entrance/free on Sundays)

Route details: to follow soon        Ride Leader:  Rich Foster

Don’t forget to say if you’re coming along.  No turning up unannounced please.  Oh and don’t forget to smile when your legs are burning like hell up the stonking great hills that are in your way…Lisa




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