Has HE been ?

27 03 2009

When I was a kid my dad used to put a stocking at the end of my bed every xmas morning.  I’d wake excitedly rushing to empty the sock (the biggest hiking sock you’d seen in your life-when you’re 9 that is) to get to its treasures.  It was full of small things of no great value; felt tips pens, scribble pads, nuts and sweeties but without fail at the end of the sock, making up the toe, was a satsuma.  I loved getting that sweaty old sock off my dad.

My love of all things outdoors comes from my dad.  He’d take me everywhere with him.  We had no money for bikes but we’d walk for miles, went wild camping, bottle digging, climbing mountains with me on his shoulders (I struggle on my own right now!).  My dad’s great and he eventually got me into bikes too.

 I don’t get a sock anymore at xmas, but it got me thinking this year about presents worth having that are no bigger than a satsuma.  The conclusion was this….

not a sweaty sock in sight

not a sweaty sock in sight

The Petzl E+lite headtorch.  Weighs only 27grams, is waterproof and comes in its own cute little pod (which isn’t pink unfortunately), has battery life of 10years so you can leave it in your rucksak and forget all about it – for 9.99yrs anyway – and costs about £25.

This little beauty got on my xmas list following our recent Real Ale Wobble adventure into the Doethie Valley where we just about made it off the mountain before darkness descended via the dragon’s breath (see Donna’s previous write up).  It would’ve been a godsend at the time, however, our fantastic team work and navigational skills meant we made it home safe 🙂  But no lights between us did add to the stress factor for me and it was a real eye opener how weather conditions in wild places can dramatically increase a ride’s duration and difficulty.  Character building stuff all the same.

I’ve since used this little headtorch on our New Years Eve nightwalk and  was impressed at the illumination it gave off.  Varying degrees of brightness and flashing / red so good for an emergency bike light.  You don’t notice you’ve got it on your head and the unit swivels in every direction so it’s really handy if you need to mend something on your bike, in the dark, at an awkward angle.  I don’t think it’s bright enough to nightride by (although am happy to be proved wrong) but as a back up I think it’s faultless?  So my 21st century satsuma its now a permanent feature in the bottom of my pack and unlike the natural type you get nowadays ,won’t go mouldy really quickly & taste of nothing….  Lisa

Clicky for more info:  http://www.petzl-head-torches.co.uk/elite%20headtorch.htm




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