Hiberian Adventures with Satan & B.O.B no.s 1,2 & 3

14 05 2009

“When are the midgies out?”, (quick scan of internet) “early May depending on region”, “best get the holiday booked for 1st May then to beat the rush of them feasting on our blood”, said Rich and Donna.  Our (Lisa & Rick) appetites whetted by thoughts of Highland wilderness adventures we, probably very cheekily, ended up asking doe eyed if we could join them….yep came the reply.  Great!


So, after a frenzy of planning involving: routes; sleeping arrangements; travel (sleeper train and cycling across central London); lightweight camping equipment; food; trailer borrowing (thanks Ollie & Sally and Jay & Gayle); debate about what constituted ‘essential’ items (culminating in the odd bit of internet shopping!); a list was compiled and divvied up between us.  Our magic little trailers holding approx 30kgs each but with mountain passes to conquer, every gram was counting.


Cycling through London on a Friday night was a journey I was dreading but Rich made it a great experience by tracking us via back roads and cyclepaths crossing Regent & Oxford Streets, Pall Mall & Picadilly Circus to name a few famous places, finishing off with a picnic and vino in gardens just outside Euston; where the sleeper train was waiting.  Having to catch separate trains on the way up was the only bummer (and meant a 5.30am start for us and 2 more changes with ‘Mr Angry Train Driver’ refusing us on one train-but we were not defeated!), it was worth it and definitely recommended.


Arriving in Fort William was brilliant, Rich and Donna there to greet us, we were weary but happy all at the same time, we’re on holiday in The Highlands!


Straight to Glen Nevis campsite dodging sunshine and showers as we went, a view of Ben Nevis in front of us keeping spirits up no matter what.  Don’t you just love mountains?  Within the relative safety of the campsite we made a home, ate a meal in the nearby lodge, broke camp the following day between heavy showers (which from now on in won’t get a mention unless of a more severe nature because a shower is nothing to worry about when you have 50mph winds to contend with!!!).  So with the benefit of hindsight….let the weather & adventure commence!




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