Fun in the Sun!

28 06 2009

OK, admit it, you never thought you’d see the sun again.  After 3 miserable summers we were all getting a bit ‘down’ with the prospect of another one.  But oh how we’ve been rewarded for all those soggy miles. 

 June has just been a blur of summer sunshine, stinging nettle rash, bramble blooding and DUST so thick you can barely see where you’re going.  Excellent fun!

 June has seen Muddy@rse’s busiest month ever with rides galore going on.  Starting off with our Ladies Ride to Bedgebury which saw the return of Jo (keep getting wellx) and a lovely dry spin round the trail, stopping at the visitor centre for a munch along the way, while the Boyz went a played on the northshore, and Rick apparently nearly killing himself in the process.  The ladies had an incident-free ride with plans afoot for a skills day at Swinley in August (check out the forum if you want to book a place).

 The LFH ride headed out from Boxhill.  Apparently it was a real killer with massive, massive climbs, technical singletrack and lots of miles, thanks to ride leader Rich.  A few mechanicals along the way but everyone stayed together while I sat on the grass and nursed the remnants of my cold/flu virus with a picnic and glass or two of vino.  Nice!

 Then it was my birthday trip to the Bothy.  A brilliant evening with 7 of us turning up via  different directions and means to Gumber Bothy, Nr Amberley.  A fantastic joint effort BBQ was topped off with midnight stargazing and a bottle of bubbly.  My new birthday pressie (BOB trailer) helping to carry the grub and grog there. Brilliant!

 Ming decided to be 40, so a ‘Surprise’ birthday bash was hatched between me and Mrs Ming.  Rick and I led a ride round Friston, taking in most of Ming’s favourite bits including Morticia, Shit Creek, Pentlands.  He loved it and I think it made hitting a new decade a bit less painful.  Mrs Ming then very kindly hosted a fantastic BBQ back at the Imperial Palace and many laughs/beers/burgers were to be had throughout the evening.  And I found a new love for margheritas (and no, not the pizzas).

 Then the good ole fashioned Club Ride today.  Tony put together a great mixed loop of about 25 miles starting from Burgess Hill, heading to the Downs via some sections of lumpy singletrack, up and over Wolstenbury Hill, up New Timber Hill, the Chattry for a shady munch stop, Ditchling for a well-earned ice-cream, then down a fantastic new descent named ??? Bostal then back via various bridleways (some lumpy) and wooded singletrack to Burgess Hill.  As a final surprise, Tony only went and brought along a coolbox of iced beers for the finish.  We were knackered and bloodied but hey, that got forgotten as we started to neck down the freezing cold drink.  Good man J   Everyone was buzzing from the ride and stingers and we slowly made our goodbyes.  Tired but very, very happy. 

So, June’s been a scorcher, June’s been a corker.  Thanks everyone for making it special.  Can’t wait for July….Lisa

 PS  As always, thanks to everyone who brought cake J

PPS  Check out the Google Calendar for July ride dates, further info to follow soon.




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