August Ride Dates

3 08 2009

15th – Ladies Skills Day: Swinley We’ve enrolled the help of Rachel Davey from Get A Grip Mountainbiking to expand the skills repertoire of our new lady riders. 5 of our girls have signed on the dotted line, and after a bite of lunch, we’re going for a ride round Bracknell to put those new skills to the test. Gale from Tunnel Hill Trolls is helping lead the afternoon ride while any ‘honorary ladies’ are hooking up with Rick and Jay for a blast. Should be fun. Location details can now be found in the forum. Meet 9.30 to leave at 10am.

16th – Long(er) Fast(er) Harder(er): 3 Peaks Challenge  A completely blatant excuse to get as much singletracking in before our holiday to USA; I’ve come up with a 3 Peaks Challenge, a Surrey Hills Special! Starting from Peaslake (check out the meet places in the forum for map) we’ll do a lot of hill climbing and lots of mileage, mostly on singletrack. There won’t be a map for obvious reasons but we’ll make sure we all keep together. This will be a up, round and over Pitch, Holmbury and Leith Hills. Not for the fainthearted; the usual LFH rules apply. Bring lots of grub: you’ll need the energy, but there is always Peaslake Stores and Leith Hill Tower if we get stuck.

30 August – Well it was going to be singletracking in Abbotts Wood but the Forestry Commission have only gone and destroyed most of our trails so not sure where we’ll be going yet. As it’ll only 6 days away from our holiday it’s likely to be an old favourite of ours as we probably won’t have time to put together anything else. When I decide where I’ll let you all know via the forum 🙂

Meet times: 10am for 10.30am roll on all rides (except skills day which is 9.30 for 10am start)

Ride Leaders: Me & Rick





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