Ups and Downs of Owning a Maverick Speedball Post

3 08 2009

Up and down with ease, that’s what it’s supposed to do.  Pucking out oil all over my house, wobbling it’s head off at the seat clamp and destroying some irreplaceable nobble inside itself was not in the marketing schpiel.  Funny that!

So after one complete rebuilt under warranty a year or so ago (at time of oil pucking), I was disappointed to find the bracket and nobble inside had greatly worn again on my Maverick Speedball post.  6 months of searching for a new bracket and nobbly bit: no joy – none available worldwide.

Now I knew Maverick had sold the idea to Crank Bros. and that they’d then updated the post design.  It looks the same; except now has a few red bling bits on it; and, guess what, they’ve amended the problems with the wobbly bracket and nobbly bit inside.  Trouble is, they don’t help Maverick customers who have problems with said bits!  Now in my opinion, that just ain’t right. 

Maverick and Crank Bros. weren’t supporting punters who’d bought the old version, and sold it off without a customer service back up or parts.  No parts: no seatpost.  Not good enough in my opinion because £200 is a lot of dosh in any currency.

So after months trying to source parts that we eventually found out no longer exist, emails and telephone calls were fired off around the globe in complaint, eventually geting hold of the MD of the UK importer.  After a detailed ‘communication debate’ with him he finally agreed to replace my knackered post with a new Crank Bros. version and a new one year warranty.   But washing his hands of my problem in the meanwhile.

Like sweet and sour chicken, this left a funny taste in my mouth. 

I know I have eventually done OK, but I believe Maverick should not be let off the hook; maybe the UK importer should be taking the ‘bigger picture’ complaint up with them,  which would mean many UK customers could have  resolution to their problematic Speedball instead of throwing them in the bin. 

All that said, I do like my new post.  It doesn’t wobble, it’s got red bling bits (no not pink), it goes up and down in all the right places, it was free.  Rant over  but let’s see how long it lasts before I sing it’s praises too loudly.  Lisa




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