September 09 Ride Info (updated)

1 09 2009

13 September – Long(er) Fast(er) Hard(er)– The Lesser Evil Ride
20 September – Ladies Ride
27 September – Club Ride (updated with final info)

(open for full info)

13 September – Long(er) Fast(er) Hard(er)– The Lesser Evil Ride
Led by regular Muddy@rser, Tony, this ride is a variation on a theme from an MBR Killer Loop on the South Downs round Brighton. Expect LFH rides to be 30 miles or longer, with 1000mtrs plus of climbing, and, at a quicker pace than the end of month ride. Route map and meet point details will be posted in the forum at least a week before.

The LFH rides have been a work in progress over the past few months and the formula seems to be working well. So, turn up if you want that extra challenge to your fitness and stamina, but turn up prepared and self-reliant. No-one has ever been left behind on these rides and the legendary Muddy@rse team work has prevailed at all times. All you have to do is be fully prepared in case you can’t complete the ride for any reason, i.e bring copy of map with you to get back unsupported (we see this as worst case scenario). Plenty of food and drink you will be needed to keep your energy supplies up though, Tony likes a hill or two; and a bit of distance 🙂 Go on, it’ll be worth the pain…

20 September – Ladies Ride
This month’s ride is being hosted by Anu, a good friend of mine from the ladies cycling forum The ride will be near Chichester, starting at the Hare & Hounds Pub in Stoughton (click link:

It will be a steady pace ride, but mileage will be slightly higher than we’ve done before: around 30kms. That said, it is achievable by all who have been on rides with me this year and Anu has promised no-one will get left behind.

27 September – Club Ride

Full details are now in the forum, but the ride will be on approx. 20 miles of mixed trails around Eastbourne.   Hopefully see you there.
Meet at: 10am to roll at 10.30am

Ride leaders are still needed for the next 6 months look forward to hearing from you.




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