Moab Rocks Holiday: Sept ’09

23 09 2009

It’s the night before our trip: bikes and bags packed, celebratory curry consumed, the excitement rising, we can’t sleep. 

 IMBA rate Moab as one of THE places to ride your bike on the planet and it has a huge variety of trails to choose from: scenic rides through beautiful canyons and mesa tops, to the challenge of the world famous, and highly technical, Slickrock Bike Trail, considered to be the ultimate mountain biking experience – Rick and I are about to find out if it’s true.   Let the adventure begin…  

Arriving at Denver 2hrs after we departed UK was weird, and our first experience of jet lag; trick no.1: set your watch to local time the minute you get on the plane and convince yourself that is the correct time. Apparently we’d only just missed a massive thunder / lightning / hail storm but it was now lovely & hot, that nice dry heat you only get abroad, oh yeh baby!  The first thing I saw was a bear on the tail of a plane: flippin’ hell I was well scared of meeting one of them for real in the mountains, but that’s tomorrow’s worry and I’d brought the Rescue Remedy to help with that one – seriously.

Our riding group consisted 7 in total and one was a girl (hurrah that meant the chat won’t all be about chain lube & tyre pressures!), we were all from the UK and about the same age.  Our guides, Paul, Ash & Graham were immediately reduced to two because Ash had broken his shoulder in an ‘interface’ with a tree earlier that week, he was flying home tomorrow for surgery. 

After a goodnight’s sleep we woke early (5am) and met the others at breakfast.  Got chatting to one guy, Simon, and it only turned out he lives in Peacehaven (small world) and as we delved further realised he’d been on a Muddy@rse ride about 6 months ago (plain freaky!).  Our group gelled really quickly as we rebuilt our bikes in the glorious sunshine.  Then in no time we were in the bus and on the road to our first ride…. The Peaks Trail, Breckenridge.




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