Road 18 Trails: Fruita, Colorado

25 09 2009

“18 Road Trails, also known as the North Fruita Desert area, offers four great trails with varying degrees of difficulty for mountain biking. Prime Cut is a perfect warm-up; Chutes and Ladders is one of the more exciting trails in Fruita, the ladders on this ride are steep and the chutes, well, what goes up must come down; Joe’s Ridge and its drops will give you a taste of what’s to come with Zippety Do Dah. The drops on Joe’s are steep; then head over to Zippety, which is a 6-mile trail for intermediate/advanced riders.  Narrow and steep in parts and nerve-wracking drops throughout, this trail is a must for all extreme riders.”

Howdie Cowboy!

Howdie Cowboy!

We arrived at 2pm after hours sitting in the van; the heat was searing, enthusiasm was low to fry in it, but thoughts of lovely singletrack trails soon got our @rses out the van and ready to ride.

Starting off on sandy singletracks we dipped and flicked our way through the tumbleweed on the baked hard trails.  Recent rains creating a crust to crack under wheel, a worn single rutt in the middle just waiting to grab your front wheel and rocks strewn around to catch you off guard.  So far the biggest technical difficulty was the heat and all of us were struggling in no time at all, me suffering the worst with an immediate bout of nausea waving over me.  I had to stop or throw up.  Deciding to miss out the next bit of Ladders (very steep push uphill) and Chutes (short steep downhills) that ran along the underside of the Mesa (a flat topped mountain); according to the group I did the right thing because it was tough. 



Rejoining at Joe’s Ridge, which saw one or two take a tumble, we carried onto Zippety Do Dah (love the name) which started with a mega steep climb onto a gorgeous ridge ride that went on for miles and miles.  Amazing 360 views of cowboy country, ye ha!

fruitaMega steep descents followed, of course,by another  mega steep climb but then its onto more flowing ridge riding, and a nice breeze to cool you down.  Sickness subsided, now I was having fun.  

Before you could say ‘Zippety Do Dah’, we were back at the vans.  With only 10-12 miles in our legs, the heat had made it into an epic ride.  As we quietly wilted our way along the freeway we eventually rolled into Moab at 8.00pm, just as the sun was setting and turning the rocks an amazing deep red, just like the surface of Mars.

Our accommodation in Moab was a condo, which suited us fine and we were hooked up with Glynn (soon to be nicknamed the Flying Pharmacist for his speedy climbing ability). Air Con, balcony, hot tub, huge fridge for the beer; we were happy…




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