October Ride Dates:

29 09 2009


10th – Muddy@rse Bespoke Skills Day, Surrey Hills

The ladies skills day I organised recently went down so well, another was requested for all to attend.  ‘All Biked Up’ are putting on the day and full a full itinerary will be sent to confirmed attendees shortly.  There are still one or two places left though if anyone’s interested.  It’s an advanced skills day so no beginners please.  Start time, venue, etc., tbc.

11th – Slick@rse Sportive with Trailbreak, Dunsfold, Surrey

Home of the Top Gear test track, Dunsfold in Surrey is hosting the next Trailbreak sportive.  A way-marked road ride in and around the area, but using the track too (humming theme tune to The Chain).  Rick and I are entering this on our tandem just for the grin of it and will decide on the day which mileage – there are 3 categories.  Feel free to join us, or go it alone if you prefer, I’m sure we’ll see you on the way round.  You won’t miss us that’s for sure!  Check out www.trailbreak.co.uk for joining info and start times.

 Ladies Ride

Due to time / date restrictions this month, there won’t be a separate Ladies Ride, however, the end of month Club ride will be suitable for any regular ladies who’d like to it a go.  

LFH ride

Jay from Tunnel Hill Trolls has offered to take us on his EPIC 55 mile ride.  Yes, that’s 55 miles of sweet, Swinley singletrack and will be a REAL challenge for EVERYONE who turns up.  Last time he did this ride it was through the night, so our daytime soiree will be a doddle compared to that !!!!!  I’m currently sorting out final dates with him, but wanted to get your appetite whetted in readiness.  Very strong riders only please, not for the fainhearted, although Jay has advised there are bailout options if the weather is bad. UPDATE:  date confirmed, but will now be 7th November.

25th – Club Ride:  “It’s Our Birthday and We’ll Ride If We Want To…”

OMG, Sussex Muddy@rse is only 3years old today!  Happy birthday to us, let’s go riding.  Tradition is that our birthday ride will start where our first ever ride started from; Sports Centre Car Park No5 in Sussex University Campus (check out meet place links in forum if you’ve never been before).  It’s a party so please bring cake (coffee donations also welcomed), the more the merrier and you can even wear a silly hat or blow a streamer or two if that takes your fancy 🙂  Meet 10am to roll at 10.30am.  Mileage will be about 20.

31st – Hallowe’en Night Ride

Another tradition that started last year is a spooky night ride, including the odd firework or two, and a trip to a pub – if there’s time – enroute.  Jim Kirk has offered to lead us on a technical ride around Devils Dyke (oh how appropropriate) to see if we can muster up a ghost or two.  Last year he put on a great urban night ride round Brighton with spooky stories to keep us on our toes.  This ride promises to be just as scarey mwahhhhhahahaha!  It goes without saying that if you don’t turn up with your bike (or you) decked in some kind of tacky £1 illuminous halloween bauble from Tescos, then you’ll be the first in line at the MTB’er dunking competition afterwards!  Start time TBC but it will be night time, cos it’s a night ride!  Oh and you’ll need proper off road night lights too, cos it’ll be dark.

Phew!  There’s a lot going on, isn’t there?  I’m knackered just typing it all.  Hope to see you on the trails in October.  Lisa




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