It’s Been a Funny Old Month!

31 10 2009

It started off with jet lag following our fab trip to the States then only a few days later it concluded with this:

me on stretcher

It hurts, but I love my new jacket, I really do!?!?

A trip to A&E following a very nasty crash that I have barely no memory of, thanks to the massive bang on the back of my head & neck.  Scarey mary!  After 7hrs being lashed to that stretcher; x-rays and CT scans making sure I’d not broken my neck (very scarey mary) I was patched up and let home.  As this happened on a night ride, that meant leaving Hospital at 5.30am…oh yes, I know how to do things properly me!

To say my neck has hurt A LOT over the past 4 weeks would be the understatement of the month, so I won’t go into boring detail.  BUT FECK IT’S HURT A LOT.  Physio is now helping and today a very loud CRACK was to be heard as it decided to re-align itself a little bit; but, oh the relief.  I’ll be off the bike for a few weeks to come yet and when I do return it will be Sustrans trails and nice flat wide bridleways for me for a bit til I get my confidence and fitness back.   That will probably mean I won’t be on a Muddy@rse ride until 2010, but it’ll soon be Xmas and before you know it I’ll be back on the trails with you all.

On that note, it’s been playing on my mind a lot about what to do with Muddy@rse while I’m not around.  Rick very kindly made sure the birthday ride went ahead and it was great to see everyone turn out for the fun; I really appreciate all your get well wishes, but what about the next couple of months? 

Basically, I need help.  Help leading club rides at end of November and end December and a Xmas night ride on 16th December too; help doing write ups of these rides; and any photos too.  It would be a shame for Muddy@rse not to continue just because I’m not around for a bit, wouldn’t it ?  Hopefully that won’t happen and some kind soul(s) will come to the rescue and keep things going while I’m not able to. 

Jay from Tunnel Hill Trolls has very kindly offered to still run the LFH ride on 7 November (see forum for details) and Jim is putting on the Hallowe’en night ride tonight (7.30pm roll from Sussex Uni), but apart from that all other rides are unfortunately on hold until I hear from anyone able to help out.  😦  

I’ll keep you posted on progress … Lisa




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