Hallowe’en Night Ride – Boo!

1 11 2009

Turning into another tradition is the Hallowe’en night ride.  An excuse to just get all juvenile and silly by dressing you or your bike up in appropriately scarey garb.  Brilliant fun. 

Now if you’re new to Muddy@rse (hello Nick and Paul) as you pulled into the car park you could be forgiven for thinking.. WTF!  When you clapped your eyes on this…

ming halloween 09

Ming in full fancy dress – the funniest thing was seeing him get his skirt caught on the saddle as he tried to cock his leg over 🙂  Or this….

Rich Halloween 09

Zombie Rich, looking very happy at the recent news he’s going to be a Dad in May 2010 (congrats to Rich & Donna from all at Muddy@rse).

But hey there was also promise of a fantastic ride, led by Jim ‘lung butter’ Kirk on his local stomping ground of Stanmer with lots of lovely sinewy singletrack to slip slide about on and to potentially lose your way; the trails are quickly disappearing under a thick mulch of fallen leaves.

The non-riding girls waved them off with a pretence of ‘going to be pub’ andPA310457 then promptly got in the car and drove to Stanmer, walked up into the woods and quickly got to work preparing a scarey entrance to their final bit of singletrack.  Wailing banshees, smoke, fireworks, ugly zombie, bangers, spooky ghosts and funky tree balloons were deployed; all we had to do was wait for their lights to appear in the darkness- if we could stop giggling long enough that is.  Jim was in on the plan, the rest had no idea of our antics. 

PA310459In the meantime the boyz hacked their way round the trails, being led here there and everywhere by Jim.  Apparently, the odd firework was let off! and then, as the mist descended around us, it was ACTION!  They were here.  We ran into the bushes, lit the fireworks and got into our places.  Jim led the boyz in and the mayhem commenced.  Smoke everywhere, bangers going off, jumping out behind trees in zombike fashion.  The scariest bit though was Sally who ran out at the back group with a blonde wig on and screamed like a wild banshee, laugh, I nearly pee’d myself 🙂

As the boyz rode back to us (scared out their wits of course!) we were congratulated on our efforts, had a good ole laugh then we tidied up the trail props, walked back to the car and made it back for coffee and cake with the everyone. 

What a brilliant night, whether you were on a bike or not.  It was a great laugh and can’t wait til next year.  Be there or be scared!  Lisa





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