M@ Members – Winter Stripping Tips..

10 11 2009

Here”s a selection of suggestions from recent forum discussion, made me smile, thought I’d share the joy:

  • Return home from a ride of mud and rain and wind having liberally caked yourself and bike in brown goo ( you hope its just mud but you dont really want to check in too much detail). Apply muc-off to bike and hose off, then turn hose on your shoes, legs, camelbak, waterproof jacket etc. You are now slightly cleaner. Realise that the washing machine is across the kitchen (tiled floor so thats kind of ok) and the hot shower is upstairs and the carpet through the house is cream coloured and that inspite of the use of a garden hose you’re still wet and muddy and also now quite cold…Striptease is then performed next to the kitchen door….

fortunately the neighbours cant see due to the garden fence being repaired in the summer so the only risk comes from the unlikely appearance of the police helicopter or next doors kids on their trampoline. Speed is still of the essence. It is also probably raining quite hard too….Music at this point is optional as is wife/husband/partner/significant other etc. laughing at you….Throw all wet/muddy gear on floor in kitchen. You will hopefully now be only in your cycling shorts liner ( a good reason why you should wear baggies with a seperate liner as they spare you some blushes) otherwise you may be in trouble if the doorbell goes. Pick up least muddy item of clothing and try and clean your legs and then enter the house at fast run, throw all gear in the washing machine and marvel that it hasnt blown up over the last 4 years due to mud/clay/chalk ingestion. Realise that the back of your shorts were missed with the hosepipe….Head upstairs with shorts to pre-wash in the shower before finally taking well earned hot shower yourself….Return downstairs after shower and putting on warm dry clothes checking all the way for mud on carpet….Start washing machine, make a cuppa (Guy)

  • My good tip is to leave an empty laundry basket at the back door for the cacked up clothes, that should stop mud drips through the house.(Lego)

And finally, I hear Guy would love to know what winter tyres you’ll all be running this season, …answers below on a virtual postcard please 🙂  Lisa




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